Pedro Manacas

Pedro Manaças

Developer and Data Lover



I moved from my native Portugal to London (UK) in 2007 to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. In London I became a specialist in Email Marketing and Business Intelligence, while working at one of the top digital media companies in the world - CBS Interactive.

I have strong technical skills in web development and all things related to data. During my UK adventure I project-managed and executed global multilingual digital marketing campaigns for the top brands in technology (Oracle, HP, Google, SAP).

In my role at CBS Interactive, I led B2B lead generation campaigns, worth more than 1 million US$.

In 2013 I moved back to my home town (Lisbon, Portugal) to raise a family and find new things to learn.


Language and "Soft Skills"

My English level is near native. I have lived 5 years in the UK where I worked with a range of different nationalities which means I'm comfortable engaging in conversation with all sorts of accents. I'm also a Portuguese native speaker.

I'm tolerant of others, and prize respectful and assertive work relationships. I have a strong belief that helping one another is the ultimate purpose in work and in life. I cherish a honest working environment where problems are discussed openly and where a humorous moment is never too far away,

  • Self-taught fast learner
  • Have great attention to detail
  • Love sharing knowledge with others
  • Take pleasure in finding simple, long lasting, robust solutions to problems
  • Experience managing small teams (2 to 5 people)
  • Good at summarizing and explaining concepts to others
  • Always interest in learning new things
  • Very good in written communication

Software Development

Python, Google App Engine, PHP, MySQL, WordPress,
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap

I can code frontend and backend functionality, including interaction with databases.

  • 10+ years experience coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Experience deploying Python apps on Google's cloud based App Engine platform
  • Experience in PHP + MySQL (mainly WordPress customization and maintenance)
  • Git version-control basic knowledge
  • Experience configuring and administering domain names (DNS records, hosting, etc.)

Business Intelligence / Data Analytics

I'm an Excel expert and have a lot of experience working with web-analytics suites and databases.

  • 20+ years MS Excel experience.
  • SQL (SQL Server TSQL, MySQL, etc.)
  • MS Power BI
  • Experience using web analytics suites such as Omniture, ComScore etc.
  • Skilled at extracting insights from data and turning them into actionable facts

Business process automation

I enjoy developing automations for repetitive tasks. I like to implement simple and robust solutions that stand the test of time leaving people free to focus on the most interesting work.

  • Office workflow automation using Python, VBA, AutoHotKey, VBS/JScript
  • Browser workflow/testing automation using Selenium WebDriver and "GreaseMonkey" style scripts

Email Marketing

I'm a specialist in B2B Email Marketing with extensive experience in running targeted lead generation campaigns for the top brands in the technology sector.

  • Four years of experience in B2B email marketing
  • Knowledge of HTML email design/coding and usability best practices
  • Knowledge of email deliverability and HTML email compatibility (including mobile and fluid layouts)

Code Portfolio

Python, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Google App Engine, Jinja

Image gallery website
This site uses Google App Engine (Python) combined with the Jinja templating library. It features a photo gallery with custom filtering functionality by tag and other metadata criteria stored in a "NoSQL" database.
Source code

Python, Google App Engine "NoSQL" Datastore, HTML, CSS, jQuery

Leader-board rankings table for an offline cards game
This personal project uses Microsoft's TrueSkill algorithm to rank players of a popular Portuguese cards game called "King". This is the same ranking algorithm used by the well known online service Xbox Live.

The site features OAuth authentication integration for Google accounts.
Source code

Python, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Google App Engine, Jinja

REST API based mash-up
This hobby project uses Google App Engine (Python) and the Bootstrap framework combined with the Jinja templating library. It fetches JSON data from an external REST API and remixes some data to show to the user.
Source code


Nov 2013 - Present

Work Force Real-Time Analyst

Teleperformance Portugal

  • 6 years experience working day to day in a 300+ FTE multilingual, multichannel Contact-Center
  • Provided Real-Time data analysis to help optimize the Contact-Center operations
  • Tracked and optimized the financial performance of the Contact-Center project
  • Automated repetitive tasks such as recurring reports and browser based workflows
  • Built automated reports leveraging SQL Server, ODBC, XML feeds, Excel, Access, Power BI etc.
  • Managed a small team of 2 Real-Time Analysts

Jan 2012 - Oct 2013


  • Produced Email Marketing campaigns (HTML email design, coding, deliverability)
  • Developed and maintained websites (WordPress customization/maintenance, PHP, HTML static sites, DNS management)
  • Delivered Business Intelligence insights (Data manipulation, Reporting)

May 2011 - Dec 2011

Business Intelligence Manager (B2B)

CBS Interactive UK

  • Analytics and internal reporting for B2B Technology sites (,
  • Research and digital surveys
  • Created client facing reports that use data to tell a brand story
  • Client examples: IBM, Dell, Oracle, HP, Intel, SAP, Google

Feb 2007 - Apr 2011

Interactive Campaign Manager

CBS Interactive UK

  • Managed digital marketing campaigns for clients including Intel, HP, Oracle, Google and Siemens, focusing on B2B lead generation in the technology sector
  • Project-managed multilingual campaigns across multiple regions and time-zones to tight deadlines
  • Designed and coded HTML e-mail and microsites as well as Flash e-books
  • Managed e-mail broadcasts including reporting on campaign results
  • Database work on MS Access
  • Online Product Development work (Requirement analysis; Spec. building; Testing)
  • Translation and localization of website content and email marketing messaging

Sep 2006 - Jan 2007

INOV Contacto Trainee

Portuguese Government (AICEP)

  • Selected from 2,700 applicants as a trainee for Inov Contacto - an international internship program sponsored by the Portuguese Government. Only 180 people were selected in that year's edition
  • Went to London (UK) to intern at CBS Interactive (Cnet Networks UK), where I ended up being hired permanently


Marketing Management Degree

IPAM (Lisbon, Portugal)

4 year degree at Instituto Português de Administração de Marketing.